Call for Papers

Multidisciplinary International e-Conference

dedicated to the World Peace Day

Distinguished Researchers,

We have the pleasure of inviting you to submit your scientific work for the 1st Multidisciplinary International e-Conference dedicated to the world peace day, MIC 2014.

All accepted papers will be published as a special publication with a unique ISBN number. The authors will be also sent a printed copy of the publication after the conference finishes.

The papers will be also published in a special edition of one of the most Influential international scientific journals in South Europe, The European Scientific Journal (ESJ).

The authors of all the accepted papers on the conference will be given the opportunity to present them on line. However the authors of the accepted papers are not obliged to present their works.

Organizers: European Scientific Institute, ESI (affiliated institution with the UN Academic Impact) and Center for Law and Economic Studies, University of the Azores, Portugal.

Supporting the concept of interdisciplinarity we welcome submissions in all academic fields.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE : 10th September 2014.


European Scientific Institute, ESI

Center for Law and Economic Studies/University of the Azores, Portugal


For submissions or any other information please send us an e-mail