In launching a new action, the board of directors of the Iranian Chemical Society established 14 specialized committees with universities' participation across the country. In order to benefit from the peers’ broad participation and opinions, the Society's secretary wrote a letter to the Iranian universities' faculties and departments of chemistry, asking each of them to nominate a representative from their university for the formation of specialized committees. Fortunately, this request was well-received by the universities.


In December 2008, the universities' nominated representatives were invited to separate meetings in the Iranian Chemical Society's office, and they elected the members of these committees among themselves. Elected members also chose the committee chairman. The board of directors also nominated a member of the Supreme Council as the secretary of the committee. These committees officially started their work in January 2008. Committee members work for two years and continue their activities if re-elected.

After the end of the two-year membership period, an official letter was sent to the chemistry department of universities across the country, and they were asked to nominate their representatives for the specialized committees’ membership. Following the introduction of the new representatives, the second round of committees' elections was held at the end of 2011.